Chris Freeman

My hopes for Ember in 2018

I’ve spent the last three years of my career working with Ember in one way or another, most of the time as part of my full-time job. I love this framework. In fact, Ember is the reason I moved out of the data science world and into web development. After hearing numerous talks from Tom and Yehuda from 2014-2015 period, I got the sense that the Ember core team was playing on a different level than the rest of front-end world. There were so many truly sound ideas regarding how software development ought to work, how tradeoffs between innovation and stability are made, and what it means to truly harness the power of the web as a platform. In my time with Ember since hearing those initial talks, I’ve seen just how committed the Ember community is to those principles, and am consistently impressed by the framework, its addons, and the community of people behind it all.

That said, it’s 2018...

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